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We have one mission: to get you stronger than before. The Greenwood Health & Living rehabilitation program is designed to work. While you’re working towards your goal, we’ll always have your back.

Get the care you deserve. And you can find it at Greenwood Health & Living. Our skilled nursing staff is compassionate and caring. Anything you need. Big or small. Our team is here for you.

Grateful Beyond Words!

"I feel so much better! After some research and asking around, I discovered Greenwood Health & Living. Their rehabilitation program is the best in Greenwood. I couldn’t be more thankful that I found it!”
— Joe D.

Testimonial - Grateful Beyond Words!

Dedicated to you.

From rehabilitation and skilled nursing, including hospice care and respite care, it’s everything you need. And guess what? It’s all in one place! Explore at Greenwood Health & Living.

Putting Family First. Always.

Greenwood Health & Living is proud to be part of the CarDon Community. Learn about our “family-first” philosophy and our deep roots in the Midwest.

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